I am Bill Schoenberg, the gentleman pictured to the left! I hope you are as excited as I am to be looking at my website. First, a little about me. I got my first computer at age 12 from my Apple-obsessed grandfather as a birthday present. Installed was a copy of Photoshop CS2. I remember superimposing dog heads onto basketball players in the very beginning.

I’ve grown up quite a bit since then. By day I am a multifaceted designer with a strong passion for great ideas and making things work! By night, I am a musician and a mixologist, but back to the design of things. I am a recent grad with an Associates Degree in Graphic Design (with highest honors) and a BFA in Communications Design under my belt.

I firmly believe in and incorporate method acting and method-based research in all of my work, which has led me to be participate in things I thought I’d never experience. For example, there was one packaging project that involved hot peppers. I, more or less, did the ghost pepper challenge (I ate half of a ghost pepper) to really get an idea of the intensity and heat of these hellish peppers. I may not have loved the feeling of my taste buds being burned alive but I certainly learned a lot!

Experience-driven design why I am a designer.



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